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Hiya im Suzy a very horny single Derbyshire mum whos on the look out for a regular sex buddy, Im not after a relationship this is just strictly sex. As you can see from my photo im slim, blonde and have a cracking figure. Im up for all sorts of naughty fu.. Im only available in the evenings, when my kids are in bed my horny slutty side will come out to play. Hope to hear from you soon gents xx

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Well there are a lot of fetishes from which you can choose from, but this one that I like the most will probably turn you are really badly guys! I like nature and doing things outdoors in general, which isn’t a big deal, but the next thing you’re about to read is! I live in Buxton, and I reeeeeallly love giving head, and blowjobs outdoors to guys… I  love cocks in general, but sucking and licking them outdoors where the sun shines, and the birds sing, is mmmm something special! The place is not really that important as long as it is outdoor! I love giving blowjobs in the park, on an empty street or in the forest!

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