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I am a mid 40’s divorcee from Purbeck who is looking for some young guys who need some lessons in sex.  If you are experienced or even a virgin it is all good to me, I just want to share my experiences with you and show you how to really make a woman sing!  I am not particularly bothered what you look like as long as you are clean and hygienic and do not turn up drunk.  You need to perform and whilst I will be teaching you I want some pleasure too!

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Bored lonely and in need of some company

Hi sexy people! For few weeks ago I have doubted that will find a date here, but fortunately the guy called me later the same day when I posted my first ad. I just said – WOW!  The evening was fantastic, we fully enjoyed the blood red wine and the sensual night! Now, here I am again. I am here to post up my need to date someone again. I need to wide the name list of my sex contacts, I just want to make my dates diverse as much it is possible. I have need to find tall, sport men, romantic, well endowed ones.

I really like to have sex, but at first is the feeling to belong to someone. Romantic soul, what to do? So, Poole is the destination gentlemen, you are free to come here. Before giving you my address, I would like to see your credentials,- so send me your newest photographs. If I like you, you will get my phone number and we can talk about the possible meting. Don’t be shy, because I am not like that. Let the fun begin, let us start a new relationship, let’s start dating. Love is in the air!