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Having sex outdoors is usually nothing but a fantasy for most people, but for the women in Thornbury it seems to be a daily occurrence!  Thornbury outdoor sex is on the rise and the women that are involved in it and involved in dogging in the area are looking for more men to mess about with.  They simply can’t get enough of that fresh cock around Thornbury and adjacent Birmingham and Sutton Coalfield.  It’s all they live for.  We’re saying thing like it’s a national phenomenon.  It isn’t of course, but it has been flagged on our radars.  This is because we have a lot of adult dating profiles, from those who like it indoors in the kitchen, those who like dogging, those who like group sex, those who are submissive… well, you name it and we know about it.  This is why we’ve noticed the rise and we know it’s true!

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