Married and looking for male sex contacts

I would like to say I’m just not happy being married anymore, but that isn’t the case, in fact I have a wonderful Husband who does take good care of me. But I need someone to treat me like a dirty St helens MILF, I need some danger in my life and know it will spice things up for me. One of my girl friends suggested that I look for some discrete married sex contacts, I don’t mind if your married as well either, just so long as you know how to make a girl feel needed.

My Husband just seems to of lost interest in having sex with me, don’t get me wrong we still do it, but he just does it how he wants and then goes to sleep, most of the time I don’t even get to enjoy it myself and that’s very sad to me. Now I know you guys could change all that and make love to me until I couldn’t take anymore, my vagina would swallow every inch of you and if your lucky enough this kinky St helens MILF might even ask you back for more action. My Husband can’t find out about it though, so we need to be careful, please come and say hello to me guys and hopefully we can meet for sex real soon.

Mature Woman in the Mood for Casual Dating

Hi there! My name is Gaga and I am 39 years old Liverpool housewife with some thrust for sex. I am craving for a guy that will be able to satisfy my sexual hunger, because believe me, you have never met a woman that has such strong urges! I need a man that knows his way around bedroom and just someone who will make me shiver out of passion and excitement! I am tired of same old conventional sex and I really need something that will bring a spark of excitement into my life. I want to explore, experiment, and just enjoy with a man that knows what he is doing. I like it both, wild and passionate, and I guess that for me, it all depends how we feel. I also like using whip cream and strawberries, which are great when you just have that lust and need to enjoy in slow and passionate sex.

I also like dressing up for a guy I’m seeing. My personal favourite are fishnet stockings and see through bras. I also enjoy wearing high heels and just parading in front of my man. I like dancing around and showing off my sexy body. Oh you will definitely enjoy seeing me naked, because I have curves that will sweep you off of your feet.  In case that you were wondering, I am not looking for anything serious. I simply want to have my own list of sex contacts who I can call any time I feel randy. I don’t want any kind of emotional attachment.