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I am an unhappily married sexy woman looking for an illicit affair with married men from the Cavendish area.  I am aged 39, have been married for 15 years but my hubby just is not able to satisfy my sexual desires.  I am a size 14 dress , 5’7 tall with 34D breasts.  I love giving oral to completion, but only if you can get it back up quickly.  With me it is anything goes in the bedroom, from oral, anal, light bondage, threesomes to anything else you can imagine, the only thing that I will not do is poop and pee or anything illegal. I am looking for multiple partners, not at the same time, but I would not rule that out! I am very open minded and up for as much action as I can get so come on married men of Cavendish, make me your illicit affair.

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Unhappy wife in Aldeburgh desires casual sex with you. Step out of your comfort zone and forget all of society’s expectations and just slide your cock inside me. I’m bored and lonely and my husband isn’t fulfilling my needs. I doubt he even knows I exist so I’m hoping to find a man on here who can ignite my fires all over again and make me feel like a woman. I crave a man’s touch, kisses and whispers telling me how much he desires me. The spark is gone from my marriage and I just want to feel alive again.

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