Bored housewife seeking strict dom men

Good day lovers! Let me be straight at the start, OK? I am a everyday life housewife, nothing special about me. I look quite good, but I am also not a beauty. As a housewife I often feel bored and want to bring some new things in my life. In case you think that an ordinary looking wife can give you pleasure, let us meet after my husband goes to work. I have a special wish too. I want to be dominated by men. Pretty unusual, huh? Really, give me that pleasure and we can talk about more sessions, but really.

I want to be your sex slave, to serve you, especially if you have nothing against sex with vegetables. I will wear whatever you like, from sexy underwear to an old T-shirt. I am natural women and I don’t use razor. Fill me up, be a dom men, set my body to fire! The travel to Cumbria is a must, I will never leave for a fuck – but will be your humble servant in my house. Keep up with the good time, and you may come several times a week. What do you say? Have we an agreement? If yes, call me, let us arrange the first orgy.

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