Can you help a lonely singleton?

Hi!  I decided to put up this ad because I love meeting new people, whether it is in person or on the internet, it doesn’t matter! I am looking for someone whom I can go on dates with, and possibly even more! I would love someone in my life on who I can count on and rely on my tougher days! To be honest I’ve never done online dating before, but since I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from a very good friend of mine, I decided I’ll give it a try! I am not looking for anything specific, just someone whom I can count on, who will take me to romantic dinners, and who will make my life beautiful and full of joy! Ambleside is the town that I was born in, and in which I currently live in! It is from the county of Cumbria, so it would be nice if those who message me were from this area as well!

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