Seeking regular guy for casual flings

4 Chubby single mum of 3 looking for casual flings with regular guys. Up for one night stands, swinging, dogging and so on. I’m very open minded and up for all kinds of dirty fun. Message me and lets get something arranged asap x

Bi lady wanted for naughty wife

hotwifeFemale looking for female for fun, fun, fun, husband will watch and only participate if invited……or not be there at all. I’m looking for a friend to party and hang out with. I love to go out dancing. If your a Saturday Nite ” kind of girl I’d love to hear from you.

Sexy housewife desperate for cock

Can you help? Im seeking a no strings sex partner to meet me say around 3 maybe more times a week for kinky sex! I have my husbands full permission so theres no need to sneak about. Im into role play, dress up, kinky sex etc if you think you can handle me then please dont hesitate to get in touch x

Brixham couple seek like minded lady for outdoor sex

Hiya girls were Ash and Beth a sexy married couple in our 30’s looking for a hot bisexual female to come and join us for an outdoor threesome in the Brixham area. Ash is 33 tall, 5’8 well endowed and has a good body, Beth is 31,slim, long hair and 5’5. We are looking for a big boobed, slim ladies in their late 20’s to early 30’s to come and meet us this Wednsday evening for some casual fun. Please get in touch if your up for it thanks Ash & Beth x

Looking for one night stands with younger men

Those studs who are in their early 30s and who are from the area of Exeter are welcome to text me for dates! Basically I am in search of one night stands with younger men! There is nothing wrong with older women who are searching for the fresh meat! We have money, we have experience and sometimes we want to let loose and be a little wild like back in the days! Currently I am in that period, and all I want to do is meet and fuck with younger guys on the beach on the hotel room, on the floor, on the table and you know the drill…

Hot Chick Looking for a Spicy Flirt!

Hi my name is Lucy and I’m from Salcombe. I’m a single 25 year old woman and I’m very bored. I’m looking for hot blokes and a spicy flirt. I have been married for two years and at this point I’m not looking for a relationship. I would love to meet hot blokes who are eager to experience something new and experiment. I am looking for dark haired, tall blokes who have a sense of humor and who know how to treat a real woman. I’m chasing for truly spicy flirts and I will not be satisfied with mediocre experiences. As mentioned already, I just got through a really ugly divorce and I’m looking for fun and fun only.

I am open to different things. I’m definitely looking for sexual diversity and if you’re a “conventional” bloke then please do not contact me. I would love to be completely swept off my feet. I would love to find a bloke or blokes who’d show what real sex means. I would love to try different sex positions; I would love to play with toys. I would love to meet blokes who are eager to get into a naughty threesome with me. I am a petite blonde bird with huge cravings. What I lack in height I compensate in creativity. My sex life was truly boring and I would definitely love to spice it up as soon as possible. If you think you’re perfect for me please feel free to contact me so we can arrange a date!

Older lady looking to date toyboy fuck buddies

Portland, off the South coast, near Weymouth, is a pretty boring place to live so they say.  However, they don’t have the island news that we do!  We’ve heard very different news indeed.  Portland dating has never been stronger apparently, and the toyboy scene is really looking up.  I know what you’re thinking.  This place isn’t much bigger than Father Ted’s Craggy Island for goodness sake, and you’d be right, but there is a certain amount of discretion that you simply wouldn’t believe could exist on an island this small.  Portland and its surrounding locations like Weston and Southwell have a whole host of women looking for a toyboy.  So much so that young men are coming in from the mainland simply to service these women.

Older women have a habit of being very filthy when it comes to getting it on with the younger men, and these younger men have a lot of fun coming their way.  Portland dating will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before in your life, simply because there’s nowhere really to go on a date other than the one pub, or the woman’s house!  This is why there is so much sex going on behind closed doors.  Who the hell wants to walk around the island when there’s no strings sex to be had at every turn?

Strict Domme seeks crossdressers & sissies

I’m a domme who has a thing for crossdressers so if you’re a sissy who likes having make-up slathered all over your face and forced to wear women’s clothing; then you’re the person I’m looking for. Ideally you live in Torquay although if our chemistry is off the charts, where you live ultimately won’t matter. I have very limited knowledge when it comes to the cross dressing phenomenon but I’m very willing to learn.

I just know that I’ve always been very curious about men who dress up as women and I would like to hook up with one especially if he is very submissive. I’ll whip you shape – literally and otherwise. I have a large stash of clothes and fancy shoes in my closet I’d love to have you try on during our playtime. I also have clamps and pegs that are sure to light a fire in your loins. If you’re open to it too, then I can also use my leash on you as you model high heels and short skirts for me. Cater to my needs and I will take very good care of you and make sure you have an endless supply of cute dresses.

Sub wife seeks dominant master

Heya, the name’s Jenny, I’m 42, and looking for a master in Teignbridge. I been looking for a while now and can’t seem to find him, but hey I’m sure if I keep lookin  I’ll find him. Could be you right? I’m a sexy woman, have a stunning body, pretty face too, a little on the chubby side. I’m submissive and am looking for a dominant kinda guy who can show me to a good time. I am a good, obedient slave, will allow you to take complete command of me, control me how you like and do whatever you want to me too, I’m saying anything you  like, gag me, fuck me in the ass, cum in my mouth, on my face, in my hair, wherever u want!