Older lady looking to date toyboy fuck buddies

Portland, off the South coast, near Weymouth, is a pretty boring place to live so they say.  However, they don’t have the island news that we do!  We’ve heard very different news indeed.  Portland dating has never been stronger apparently, and the toyboy scene is really looking up.  I know what you’re thinking.  This place isn’t much bigger than Father Ted’s Craggy Island for goodness sake, and you’d be right, but there is a certain amount of discretion that you simply wouldn’t believe could exist on an island this small.  Portland and its surrounding locations like Weston and Southwell have a whole host of women looking for a toyboy.  So much so that young men are coming in from the mainland simply to service these women.

Older women have a habit of being very filthy when it comes to getting it on with the younger men, and these younger men have a lot of fun coming their way.  Portland dating will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before in your life, simply because there’s nowhere really to go on a date other than the one pub, or the woman’s house!  This is why there is so much sex going on behind closed doors.  Who the hell wants to walk around the island when there’s no strings sex to be had at every turn?

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