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Frome isn’t a place you’d associate with illicit sex, but you’d be surprised what goes on behind closed doors over there.  It’s all over the area you know, including Keyford and Rodden; even as far out as Westbury and Trowbridge.  If you want a Frome cougar you’re in luck, primarily because these are the main types around offering illicit sex.  They’re not selling it though, this isn’t some kind of prostitution, it’s all because these cougars are desperate for it.  They’re actually “mad for it” if you will pardon the phrase.  So how do you go about getting your hands on some of these cougars?  You simply have to get involved, that’s all.

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I really need to tell all you guys something, and well it’s a little embarrassing so please don’t judge me. Actually I have two things to tell you, the first is my wild and very kinky bath mistress fetish, I have this thing of having sex in the bath tub, it does sound pretty kinky doesn’t it? and that’s because it is. I love stripping down a hunky mans body, and then letting him do the same to me, we both get into the tub next and wash each other down, we would then share a passionate kiss before we fucked hard and fast.

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