Fancy your own slutty mistress for sex?

I really need to tell all you guys something, and well it’s a little embarrassing so please don’t judge me. Actually I have two things to tell you, the first is my wild and very kinky bath mistress fetish, I have this thing of having sex in the bath tub, it does sound pretty kinky doesn’t it? and that’s because it is. I love stripping down a hunky mans body, and then letting him do the same to me, we both get into the tub next and wash each other down, we would then share a passionate kiss before we fucked hard and fast.

Now the other thing I simply can’t get enough of is affairs, and trust me I’ve had plenty of them. I just can’t control myself and I don’t think I should, I think when I have an affair with a married man he is doing it because his stupid wife just can’t give him the pleasure that he needs, and well I don’t mind doing that for them. I’m actually in the bath right now guys and well of course I am totally naked, would you like to come over and scrub my back for me? I hope to see you real soon.

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  1. Hi I’m 25 from London and to be fair I love fucking in the bath love the feeling of the water and a pussy wrapped around my 10inch cock. If you interested in meeting up drop me am email

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